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inclinometer sensor

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Product Description

Product Description

This product uses a low-noise, low-drift, low-power three-axis MEMS acceleration sensor, which can achieve high-frequency and low-noise performance, provide high-resolution vibration measurement, and detect machine failures as early as possible in condition monitoring applications. This product not only has excellent performance, but also extremely low

power consumption. In addition, this sensor can also provide accurate and reliable tilt measurement under high impact and high vibration environments without causing sensor saturation. This is very important for tilt measurement of heavy equipment

or airborne platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). It can also provide high-quality data for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and support intelligent detection from the edge of the network.


Using digital signal output, programmable measurement range: ±10g, ±20g and ±40g, higher flexibility, ultra-low noise density of 80μg/√Hz, in the industry's leading level. For the 0g offset drift in the temperature range, the upper limit is guaranteed to be 0.75 mg/, and precise measurement can be achieved with a very small amount of calibration work. In addition, there is a measurement accuracy of ±0.05°inclination. Built-in temperature sensor, small size, low power consumption.


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