• high temperature level controller sensor
  • high temperature level controller sensor
  • high temperature level controller sensor
  • high temperature level controller sensor

high temperature level controller sensor

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Product Description

Hot melt adhesive level sensor

The sensor probe temperature ambient temperature: -10°C ~ 250°C, amplifier ambient temperature -10°C ~200° C, has been widely used in edge sealing machine, can also be applied to other liquid level alarm occasions requiring high temperature environment.

Matters needing attention:

The active area is the valid detection area. It is located at the end of the sensor probe and the 0-25mm range can be adjusted according to field requirements. When using, the high and low alarm position of glue shall be within the range of the area, and the measurement effect is best in the middle position. If it is too high or too low, the alarm cannot be correct, resulting in the false signal of glue overflow or empty glue pot.

Connection mode: direct line, optional navigation plug

Probe installation:

Fix the sensor probe in the appropriate position of the glue pot. Precautions:

1. Suitable installation position, so that the probe from the glue pot wall distance is not less than 15mm.

2. Suitable mounting height, so that the alarm position of the glue is located in the range of the sensor active area during operation, with the best center.

Amplifier installation:

After fixing the amplifier, two important steps are performed:

After the sensor probe and amplifier are installed, the signal line is connected to the controller (such as PLC), electrical DC. Sensor system starts working:

Red light: glue level lower than the alarm position, start to add glue

Green light: stop adding glue when the glue level reaches the alarm position

Sensors are calibrated before they leave the factory and are suitable for most applications, usually without the need to reset detection sensitivity. Please be sure to check the alarm glue level when the following situations occur:

√ New glue pan installed

√ The type of glue is changed

√ New glue level sensor installed

Alarm glue level check and detection:

To judge whether the measurement of the sensor system is correct or not by the height of the alarm glue:

The alarm position is located within the sensor activation area, and the center position is the best.

After checking and confirming the correctness, the installation of the sensor system is completed, and the sensor system can work normally

The above is the installation mode description of hot melt glue level sensor. If you have any questions in use, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with help in the first time.


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