Input pressure sensor used in swiming pool

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SYP265L series input pressure sensor is specially designed for measuring liquid level directly in the liquid. It adopts high precision pressure sensor assembly, and converts the output millivolt signal which generated by the sensor under pressure to standard current or voltage output signal through the built-in circuit. In order to ensure the stability, reliability and high performance of this product, high-quality sensors and amplifier circuit transmitter are specially selected, with all stainless steel integrated welding process and full sealed structure are adopted to ensure the long-term stable operation of the product under severe conditions. The product has a variety methods of electrical connection options, which is suitable for various field applications.


New brand integrated design;  Ultra-low temperature characteristics, and stable operation at -40 degree Wide range, anti-RF interference and stable signal ; Rich measuring head selection, suitable for high and low temperature, corrosion, and waterproof environment; High overload capacity (4 times), anti-vibration, anti-impact, anti-lightning.

Applications: Urban water supply and sewage treatment ; Water level inspection of hydraulic engineering ; Ship oil level measurement; Liquid level measurement and control in industrial field. 



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