• Capacitive level  sensor
  • Capacitive level  sensor

Capacitive level sensor

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The capacitance oil level sensor adopts capacitance formed between the internal and external metal tubes to change linearly with the object (oil) level, and transform the change amount of the object (oil) level into a linear 4-20mA, 0-5V, digital RS485 output, which can directly display the liquid level height or be sent to the remote monitoring system via satellite. The capacitance oil level sensor can be applied to the precise measurement of oil level in fuel tank of automobile, oil tank truck and oil depot, etc., and the whole machine has no movable or elastic parts.

It has characteristics of shockproof easy installation, high reliability, high precision and good high performance, and is also suitable for measurement and monitoring of various non-conductive liquid . The core components of the product adopts international advanced highly integrated special IC chip, which can be transformed into standard analog signal or digital signal through precise temperature compensation and linear correction. The capacitance oil level sensor has on-site calibration function. The user can automatically calibrate the zero point and range to meet the different requirements of various complex locations. It can be widely applied in steel, oil field, chemical industry, cement, thermal power equipment, light industry, sewage treatment and other industries. 


1. Convenience:  It can be installed and fixed through flange or screw thread, with the characteristics of simple and easy to operate.

2.  Independence : The oil consumption value can be obtained directly by measuring the oil volume of the oil tank, without any effect or influence on the oil system or pipeline. 

3.  Uniqueness:  It has truncation function, the user can re-calibrate by pressing the keys, and the digital output can also be equipped with commissioning software. 

4.  Safety:  The electronic bin adopts explosion-proof design and has passed Exia IIBT6 Ga explosion-proof certification; and the flange of the sensor is provided with two-layer leak-proof grooves to prevent oil leakage. 

5. Stability :  Without any mechanical movable parts, the mature and stable circuit structure and excellent quality components will make the sensor be adopted continuously for years without replacement. Medical liquid level sensor Application field: medical equipment liquid level inspection.

Application fields:

Oil tank transportation,  Chemical experiment,  Light industrial equipment , sewage disposal.






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