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go switch

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go switch

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go switch

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United States

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1 pc

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Product Description

Soway is the agent of Emerson well-known brands, product including go switch ,travel switch quotation. We can provide a series of products and services, with best quality & most professional after-sales service, so our customers  have nothing to warry about.

I. Product Overview:

Go Switch provides reliable, durable position sensing, can be used in a variety of harsh conditions, the use of unique technology, fully suitable for high, low temperature, wet, dirty, harsh, corrosion and explosion-proof environment.


Ii. Product Features:

High control ability.

The ampere rating is the highest

Resistance to high pressure

High temperature resistant



Corrosion resistant and waterproof

Excellent performance under harsh conditions

Go Switch travel switch, won the favor of the majority of consumers.

Iii. Technical features:

(1) Unique technology, it provides high current ratings,AC/DC,0N/NC wiring flexibility, meet the application of instrument knot-sensing, global certification to provide strong position sensing performance.

(2) Global certification is applicable to intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and inflammable hazardous areas.Proved its reliability in automotive, cement, chemical, die casting, catering, hydrocarbons, manufacturing, mining, petroleum, petrochemical, power, paper, aluminum steel, rubber tires, sewage and other industries.Keep the service life as long as possible in high temperature, low temperature, wet, dirty, harsh, corrosion and explosion-proof environment.


GO SWITCH series product model is complete, if you are interested in these products, and want to know more travel SWITCH # travel SWITCH quotation # travel SWITCH selection and product services, please call: 0755-88367005!

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