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    PCB plastic reed switch

    PCB plastic reed switch

    Model No.︰Plastic reed

    Brand Name︰Soway

    Country of Origin︰China

    Unit Price︰-

    Minimum Order︰-

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    Product Description


    PCB plastic reed switch,which make the reed switch strength to prevent rupture.It can be installed directly on the circuit board, stable performance. Seal design,work in harsh environment, waterproof and shockproof. Sealed design can make the life at least a million times,customers can choose the electrical parameters according to different application environments.



    - Packaged in bulk, reel optional

    - Plurality of magnetic field sensitivity range,and can be equipped with a magnet triggers

    - High stability, high reliability, high consistency

    - Customers can customize NO, NC and AT values, etc.



    - Automotive, industrial control, counter

    - Fitness Equipment

    - PCB

    - Intelligent appliance control system


    Package Outline diagram:


    Common Application Action Demonstration:


    Entire disk packaging:


    Electrical Specification: