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    door alarm sensor

    door alarm sensor

    Model No.︰P119

    Brand Name︰SOWAY

    Country of Origin︰China

    Unit Price︰US $ 15 / pcs

    Minimum Order︰1 pcs

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    Product Description

    Ideal Door Alarm Magnetic Sensor

    1.Magnetic door contacts 
    3. variety of output signal 

    5. long active distane to 100mm


    The principle of Magnetic proximity switches is produce a magnetic field around the sensor through changed the position and polarity of trigger so that make the contacts of the sensor action. Hermetically sealed, life at least 1 million times, easy installation, can adjustment according to different customers' application environment.


    Classic design, compact size.

    Choice of normal open or normal close

    Customer can define activated distance, cable length and connector.

    Hermetically sealed, suit to tough environment and long life.


    Electrical Specification 

          Model                                           1                         2                            3

     Switched Power(max)                     10W                   70W                       5W

     Switched Voltage (max) (DC)        180V                  200V                     175V      
     Switched Voltage (max) (AC)        130V                  250V                      125V    

     Switched Current (max) (DC)        250mA               1000mA                 400mA  

     Switched Current (max) (AC)        250mA               1000mA                 280mA

     Breakdown Voltage(min)            180V DC              400V DC                200V DC

     Carry Current (max)                        1.5A                    1.75A                       0.5A

     Contact Resistance (min)            100mΩ                  90mΩ                     120mΩ

     Operating Temperature          -40°C~+80°C         -40°C~+80°C        -40°C~+80°C


    Our  magnetic switch, magnetic contact,magnetic sensor,magnetic contactor still include  door window magnetic proximity switch,explosion-proof switch,proximity siwthc etc., and their materials have brass ,PP,stainless steel etc.,

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